Spotting Venture Research Around the Globe

The Venture Research T-Shirt representing Maxwell’s Equations has a special place in the company’s culture to pay homage to the fundamentals that make everything we do here possible. The company’s founder has an electrical engineering degree in RF(radio frequency) theory and as the company was developing with an emphasis on RF and wireless technologies and the physics surrounding it, Maxwell’s Equations was the foundation that mathematically described the relationship of the electric field, the magnetic field and the general propagation of electromagnetic energy that we all rely on every day.

From your cell phone to your microwave to communicating with a spacecraft on Mars, Maxwell’s equations can be used to predict the amount of energy that will be propagated through a variety of mediums. The most interesting aspect is that the equations were published by James Clerk Maxwell in 1864. James Clerk was a mathematician, not a physicist or engineer, that recognized the association and symmetry from works by contributors such as Faraday, Ampere and Gauss and consolidated their efforts into a mathematical model that has survived the test of time. Even Einstein at the beginning of his journey to become the most influential theoretical physicist started with Maxwell’s equation and discovered that the speed of propagation of energy described by Maxwell was a constant that we all know now is the speed of light.

 There is a substantial body of work surrounding the implementation of Maxwell’s equation that is taught in universities every day. Here is a quick primer for Maxwell’s Equation that describes the significance and respect of why we adopted Maxwell’s Equations as our T-shirt.