Refrigerators and Freezers

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Accurate Tracking With Minimum Effort

Perpetual Inventory in a Refrigerated Enclosure

Venture Research has pioneered the development of Refrigerated Enclosure RFID retrofits to accommodate the needs of the pharmaceutical industry and other industries where critical items need to be tracked in a refrigerated enclosure. With off the shelf configurations of 23, 7, 5.2, 2.5 and 1.7 Cu. Ft., with the Venture Research Refrigerator retrofit kit virtually any refrigerated enclosure can be made into an RFID tracking solution.

Standalone and Collection only Implementations

The Standalone configuration incorporates a powerful Android computer with provided software to manage the peripherals, take reads and collect information but also provide user interfacing and prompting to gather information and deliver information through the integrated touch screen LCD panel. The Collection only implementation does not have a bezel but still can perform badge reads, perpetual inventory reads and manage a secure lock.

Integrated Secure Lock

Each configuration incorporates the ability to manage a secure lock, and with the integrated badge reader, allow only approved personnel access to the Refrigerator. The lock is Fail Secure allowing it to remain locked even in a power outage.

Built in Badge Reader

The integrated badge reader can be either UHF or HF (iClass or Prox) and the badge reader is embedded in the bezel or lock to allow a touch point for authorization.

Designed for the Cloud

Whether running in Standalone or Collection Only mode all transactions and refrigerator access is queued in a store and forward fashion ready to deliver information to the cloud using a REST interface.

Prebuilt or Retrofit Kit

Venture Research provides completed solutions using off the shelf refrigerated enclosures but built under our strict quality standards or in kit form. The kit provides the exclusive Venture Research RFID backwall antenna array and reader but also a bezel, power supply, lock assembly and cabling harness to allow customer retrofits as required.

Domestic or International Usage*

The product has been shipped all over the world and Venture Research maintains the current regulatory, power and certification requirements to allow the units to be shipped and received in over 26 countries.

24 x 7 x 365 Support

Venture Research maintains a world class support organization that can provide real time monitoring and alerting of system operability. All hardware products from Venture Research contain automatic self diagnosis and alerting. Connecting the product to the remote Venture Research monitoring system called SiteWatch, allows non-stop read point sensing for mission critical applications.


Pharmaceutical Cold-Chain Tracking

Healthcare Blood Tracking

Pedigree Management

Critical Item Level Tracking


Provides autonomous perpetual inventory

Provides autonomous perpetual inventory
Secure Locking Front Door with Proximity Alerting

Secure Locking Front Door with Proximity Alerting

Intelligent Android touch screen bezel allows user interaction

Intelligent Android touch screen bezel allows user interaction