HyTrak 8 Port Reader

The HyTrak intelligent RFID/IoT reader provides 2,4 or 8 port RFID suitable for open area read implementations where cabled antennas are required

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Shown with optional end caps for cable protection

Venture Research Provides The State Of The Art In RFID/IoT 8 Port Readers 

The Most Features in a Single Reader

The Venture Research HyTrak™ reader sets the standard for integrated RFID and IoT solutions to satisfy the requirements of an open reader design that can be used in a variety of industries. The reader is packed with RF and communications features to accommodate the most demanding tracking scenarios. The HyTrak
Reader combines:                                                                                                                                                                                        UHF RFID - US and ETSI* (optional) frequencies – 8 port
                                                      BLE - Low Energy Bluetooth Reader
                                                    WiFi - a,b,g,n - Mimo WiFi support
                                             Cellular - 4G LTE - Multiple Carrier Support
                                                     GPS - Dual constellation satellite
                                                   CAN - CAN Bus Support
in a single rugged enclosure driven by a high performance Linux
operating system.

Support for Both Active IoT and Passive RFID Tags

The HyTrak reader is the only reader on the market that has integrated the ability to read passive RFID tags and also active (battery assisted) BLE (Low Energy Bluetooth) tags. This allows cost effective passive tags to be placed on general assets and critical assets to be tagged with BLE beacons to ensure readability.

Suitable for Mobile Applications

The HyTrak reader can run on POE or 12v–36v power allowing for battery operated applications. Direct connections to a forklift reader or vehicle is now possible through its regulated power supply. With the GPS feature and BLE, mobile equipment can be tracked outside and inside of buildings and deliver their coordinates through a cellular backhaul.

Designed for the Cloud

The HyTrak solution shares the same API as all other Venture Research Products that are designed for direct cloud interfacing. Store and Forward to a direct REST interface is built in for rapid deployment. Using the REST interface, the requirement for expensive middle-ware is eliminated.

Additional Peripheral Support

Along with the RFID, BLE and GPS tracking capability, the HyTrak solution provides 4 in, 8 out GPIO along with dual USB A ports, OTG USB port and a direct console port. 10/100 ethernet is integral and serial and CAN Bus support extends the communication options available in the reader. CAN Bus support provides the ability to connect in a daisy chain fashion standard Venture Research peripherals such as stacklights, thermal sensors, machine sensors and locking systems.

24 x 7 x 365 Proactive Support

Venture Research maintains a world class support organization that can provide real time monitoring and alerting of system operability. All hardware products from Venture Research contain automatic self-diagnosis and alerting. Connecting the product to the remote Venture Research monitoring system called SiteWatch, allows nonstop read point sensing for mission critical applications.


WIP Tracking

Mobile Asset Management

Dock Door Portals

Forklift Cycle Count Readers

Health Care equipment/personnel tracking

General Purpose RFID/BLE applications 


8 UHF RFID ports with cellular and GPS


8 UHF RFID ports with cellular and GPS

Versatile communication   support Ethernet, WiFi, BLE, Serial, USB, CANbus and 4in/8out GPIO

Versatile communication   support Ethernet, WiFi, BLE, Serial, USB, CANbus and 4in/8out GPIO

Fast installation with provided mounting structures


Fast installation with provided mounting structures