RFID Hazardous
Material Cabinets

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Intelligent RFID Tracking in a Flame Protected Cabinet

The RFID Haz Trak storage solution provides a safe storage area for hazardous or flammable materials but tracks everything in the cabinet. Specifically designed for managing expiration of volatile time sensitive chemicals, Haz Trak keeps a real time pulse on expiring material and immediately alerts the operator/supervisor or optionally can lock the cabinet.

Integrated LED for Cabinet Access

A built in LED simplifies the process of knowing if any item has expired in the cabinet showing a green LED if items are safe to use or a red LED to show that something in the cabinet has expired.

Companion Software Informs of Expiration

The highly configurable software application to manage volatile chemicals captures the material, expiration, safety information, handling information, disposal instructions and every time the chemical is in use. Extensive reporting and alerting is provided.

Know Every Time a Chemical is Used

With the optional badge / vision system, access to the cabinet is controlled to capture who is using the cabinet and how long chemicals have been in use and by whom. A complete audit trail of who used the chemicals and their frequency is available with Haz Trak and can be used for compliance purposes.

Proactive Reporting

Haz Trak can alert via text message or email that material needs to be removed / disposed from the cabinet and automatically verifies that it has been removed. A configurable alert can be scheduled to provide an advance warning that a chemical is about to expire to allow supervisory intervention if required.

Industry Standard Enclosure

The Haz Trak solution can be built into any flammable rated cabinet. Venture Research has selected sizes and configurations of off the shelf hazardous and flammable cabinets that are retrofitted with the Haz Trak RFID tracking solution. All cabinets are FM approved meet or exceed N.F.P.A Code 30 Osha Regulations 1910.106. Cabinets are rated for the storage of Class I, II and III Liquids.

24 x 7 x 365 Support

Venture Research maintains a world class support organization that can provide real time monitoring and alerting the of system operability. All products from Venture Research contain automatic alerting and self-diagnosis.


Hazardous Material Tracking

Chemical Expiration 

Security Verification

Consumption Monitoring


Unattended continuous monitoring of expired materials

Unattended continuous monitoring of expired materials
Immediate Visual Feedback

Immediate Visual Feedback

Uses Venture Research exclusive backwall antenna arrays

Uses Venture Research exclusive backwall antenna arrays