The Right People, with The Right Knowledge, Where and When you Need Them.

Venture Research believes that your business initiatives can be significantly accelerated with the assistance of experienced industry professionals. We therefore augment our solutions and products with a comprehensive suite of professional services, from training, to design consultation, through solution deployment, to ongoing proactive support, to enable you complete success.

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Business Improvement Services

Business Improvement Services

Apply our expertise to ensure your success Venture Research has extensive experience architecting solutions and providing guidance for technology based initiatives. 

Custom Design and Manufacturing

                                                                                                                              Custom Design & Manufacturing

The deep experience that Venture Research applies to development of its products is available to address your custom developments.

Customer Support

Real-time Customer Support

All products from Venture Research contain automatic alerting and self-diagnosis for real time monitoring of the system operability backed by our 24x7x365 support infrastructure. 

Tagging and Encoding Services800x420

Tagging & Encoding

Flexible, Scaleable Solutions for Compliance Mandates Venture Research offers four levels of RFID Compliance Solutions. 

Site Survey & Solution Deployment

Site Survey & Solution Deployment

Venture Research has the experience and expertise to not only design and develope innovative solutions, but also to deploy them for production use anywhere in the world.

Learn how Venture Research Solution Deployment Services can be customized for specific your needs.

Outdoor Asset Tracking Devices in use for waste

management application across North America
According to Navigant Research, the global smart waste collection technology market is expected to grow from $57.6 million in 2016 to more than $223.6 million in 2025. For the last seven years, Venture Research has supplied intelligent, autonomous readers and sensors with Cloud computing that has been used by tier 1 logistics customer worldwide for data collection to help manage containers and smart waste collection.
Cloud computing is pushing the “clunky” technology of old off to the wayside and providing more space to hold more information but take up less room. Previous RFID scanners used in the past by waste management haulers were unreliable, didn’t communicate well and were expensive. With Venture Research’s Outdoor Asset Tracking Reader and RFID tagging on containers, machine-to-machine communication allows for a more reliable set of data, according to John Baker.