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For over 20 years, Venture Research Inc. has been providing end-to-end solutions for a diverse set of industries with specialization in RFID, IoT and embedded computing. You will find Venture Research's RFID technology services deployed in 1,000’s of installations in 28 countries and six continents. Venture Research has provided state-of-the-art solutions to the Aerospace, Department of Defense, Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, Distribution, Security, Retail, Rail, Construction, Transportation, Waste Management, Asset and specialty tracking industries, and has been an industry consultant related to technology, processes and methodology to embed RFID and IoT sensors into existing processes.

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Office Building

Engineering and Administration


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Made in the USA

Venture Research is a TAA (Trade Agreement Act) compliant manufacture with facilities in the USA in our dedicated 35,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility. We have complete design and fabrication facilities for RF and digital circuit design and specialty packaging solutions with 3D modeling, 4 CNC centers and dedicated fabrication staff for mechanical fabrication and rapid prototyping.

Hardware and Software Expertise

Hardware & Software Expertise

Our Enterprise software development group specializes in remote and cloud computing to bring together a full solution and integrate with existing systems. Our system engineering staff has the capability for hardware and firmware design down to the chip level.


Supply Chain Experts

Venture Research is a leader in providing best of breed software and hardware solutions for the global supply chain. We offer a mature WCS (Warehouse Control System) solution currently installed in over 150 distribution centers in the United States and Canada. With direct autonomous edge control of Pick to Light, Put to Light, Voice Pick, Robotics and printing systems, it also provides order planning, cubing, tagging and reporting capabilities for real time visibility. Additionally, integrated Payroll, Crewing and Labor Management extensions are tightly integrated to provide accurate job costing and efficiency profiles.

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Consulting Services

Our consultants advise customers in diverse industries in the selection, validation, return on investment and process modifications to incorporate RFID and IoT technologies.

Innovative Offerings

Venture Research engineers and manufactures innovative products and solutions for a host of industries. Products are designed with the use case in mind which results in products that meet or exceed the environmental, certification, technical and support requirements required for demanding implementations. The company maintains deep expertise in radio-frequency, sensors, global satellite and cellular technology, electrical engineering, computing hardware design, embedded software engineering and systems integration.

Combining RFID, GPS, BLE, IoT and cellular technologies with cloud-based secured software platforms, our products deliver exceptional value and flexibility that no other company can match.

Outdoor Asset Tracking Devices in use for waste

management application across North America
According to Navigant Research, the global smart waste collection technology market is expected to grow from $57.6 million in 2016 to more than $223.6 million in 2025. http://www.waste360.com/fleets-technology/waste-and-recycling-industry-and-internet-things For the last seven years, Venture Research has supplied intelligent, autonomous readers and sensors with Cloud computing that has been used by tier 1 logistics customer worldwide for data collection to help manage containers and smart waste collection.
Cloud computing is pushing the “clunky” technology of old off to the wayside and providing more space to hold more information but take up less room. Previous RFID scanners used in the past by waste management haulers were unreliable, didn’t communicate well and were expensive. With Venture Research’s Outdoor Asset Tracking Reader and RFID tagging on containers, machine-to-machine communication allows for a more reliable set of data, according to John Baker.

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