Ultra SlimTrak
RFID/IoT Portal

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Ultra SlimTrak Portal With Integrated RFID Reader And BLE Support

The Ultra SlimTrak™ Portal from Venture Research extends the legacy of the SlimTrak series by further improving the size, modularity and ease of installation building on a foundation of a US or EU UHF RFID Reader. The Ultra SlimTrak Portal refines the exclusive Venture Research built in Reader and Antenna Array at only 1" thick. It can be easily affixed into tight spaces with minimal installation effort. The integrated antennas offer excellent performance for close proximity reading but also double door applications. The Ultra SlimTrak Portal has built in capability to drive a secondary slave antenna array to provide full coverage of a door or corridor.

Compact Footprint

At a mere 44 1/2" X 11" X 1”, the Ultra SlimTrak can be mounted almost anywhere. Whether it is on a wall, directly on a door frame or bolted to the floor, its flexibility is unmatched. Cables can be routed from the top or bottom of the unit to ease installation.

Proximity Detection Provides Accurate Triggering

Built in bi-directional wide-angle proximity sensors provides automatic triggering of the portal but also provides an indication of the direction of the personnel or material to be read. Various trigger modes are available for characterizing the reader’s behavior.

Versatile Communication Options

The Venture Research Ultra SlimTrak Portal supports direct Ethernet plug in with POE, WiFi (802.11b/g/a), Cellular or Serial. The WiFi configuration provides the quickest implementation with only power required. Configuration and setup can be performed via WiFi or a direct Ethernet cable to pre-configure the units for special network requirements. An optional Serial port is also available for configuration.

Durable Low Profile Design

The unit is constructed of extruded high impact material. Because of the unit’s compact design, it can be placed in high traffic areas where aesthetics may play a role.

BLE Support

Along with UHF RFID read capability, all Venture Research Portal solutions have the ability to read active low energy Bluetooth (BLE) tags for critical asset tracking.

24 x 7 x 365 Proactive Support

Venture Research maintains a world class support organization that can provide round-the-clock assistance. All hardware products of Venture Research contain automatic self diagnosis capabilities, and can be connected to SiteWatch, the Venture Research remote monitoring system, for real time monitoring of system operability and alerting on exceptions. This ensures nonstop operation for critical applications.

Smart Head for The

Ultra SlimTrak Portal


Versatile Mounting Options

Wall Mount

Wall Mount

Edge Mount

Edge Mount

Floor Mount

Floor Mount


Security Access and Monitoring

Asset and Personnel Tracking

Document/File Tracking

WIP Work-in-Progress Tracking


Floor Mount, Wall Mount or Edge Mount Configurations Available

Bi-Directional Sensors

             Built in                   Bi-Directional Sensors

Master/Slave Configuration

Can be used in a Primary/Secondary Configuration