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Support is Business Critical

Venture Research understands that support is a critical component of all our installations to insure nonstop operation. In the last 10 years, Venture Research has created a tier 1 proactive support infrastructure to gather system and operational metrics to resolve issues in many cases before they become visible and affect operations to the site. Along with a manned 24x7x365 help desk, issues are quickly categorized, analyzed for root cause and corrections are made either through our dedicated VPN remote links or through our customers, partners and staff. Our exclusive SiteWatch infrastructure performs automatic sensing of hardware and software issues remotely and submits any issues to our dedicated Dispatch system that routes the issue to the proper support staff to resolve the issue. Many issues can be resolved through our exclusive SiteWatch probes that uncover and correct issues automatically without human intervention. Venture Research integrates product support with operational support. You have one point of contact, regardless of whether your query is about development using our products or an operational issue in a managed solution.

Proactive Management and Monitoring

In addition to traditional on-call support, Venture Research offers proactive management & monitoring of customer solutions, including automated issue discovery and resolution with our state of the art monitoring system called SiteWatch. Venture Research has developed and refined the Sitewatch infrastructure over the last 10 years. Our proactive monitoring service observes key metrics for production, Venture Research solutions, and reports them for resolution to the integrated SiteWatch / Issue Manager infrastructure. These metrics are measured against known performance criteria and generate alerts when normal operational limits are exceeded. The support staff at Venture Research is automatically alerted to these conditions through our internally developed Automated Dispatcher system which selects the proper support person automatically. Issues that arise repeatedly are addressed with automated resolution whenever a remote fix is possible. The Venture Research alerting system automatically triggers resolution procedures. Successful automated resolutions are logged; unsuccessful attempts produce an alert to the support staff. Regardless of how they are resolved, all issues are logged and available to our customers as part of an annual support plan. The logs are analyzed to discover hidden improvement opportunities, such as issues that occur at multiple sites.

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Customer Support
Customer Support