Tag Tester

Standalone Tag Testing

The Venture Research Tag Tester is a self contained RFID/ BLE Reader with an integrated display to show the register contents and performance of the tag. The EPC, TID and User memory of the tag is shown in the integrated display.

Cost Effective Plug and Play Solution

The Tag Tester from Venture Research is a desktop solution that requires no previous experience with an RFID/BLE reader. No set-up or external host running an application is required. All the user needs to do is connect power via the included POE Power Injector. Self-booting, the Tag Tester is ready to read and display on its integrated screen tag data in less than a minute.

The Built In Tag Testing Application Displays the Following:

• Gen 2 RFID Tag Read counts and RSSI levels in real-time

• Gen 2 RFID tag memory contents including 96 bit EPC, 96 bit TID and up to 128 bits of User Memory

• BLE tag MAC address

RFID Tag Characterization Data

Using a web browser connected to the reader, you can easily view a real-time plot of an RFID tag's RSSI level vs Frequency. Suitable for RFID tag characterization testing to determine that a tag can be read across the usable band when placed on material.

24 x 7 x 365 Support

Venture Research maintains a world class support organization that can provide real time monitoring and alerting of system operability. To learn how our Curve Verifier and Encoder Solutions can work for you, or to find out more about Venture Research's products and solutions, contact us at 866.RFID.111 or 469-246-4000 or visit us at www.ventureresearch.com


Tool Tagging

Pharmaceutical Packaging Characterization

Tag Performance Validation

Test Tag on Material


Antenna and reader integrated in same package

LCD Touch Screen              

802.11b/g WiFi, RS232,  Direct Ethernet or Cellular