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Venture Research leads a diverse set of industries in the adoption and usage of RFID, IoT, asset management and supply chain technologies. With the advantage of an on-premises design and manufacturing capability, the company can draw from a common core of engineering solutions and refine them to match the needs of specific industries. By delivering solutions as early as 2001, the company has accumulated an extensive knowledge base of industry deployment experience in the industries shown below. 

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Venture Research has been fortunate to have a close working relationship with the leaders in the Aerospace industries and has also provided equipment and services to specific branches of the DOD. The strict security and compliance requirements of this industry has challenged Venture Research to develop the state of the art in tracking systems that meet or exceed these stringent requirements. This is evident in our products that are targeted for this industry such as:

Asset tracking portals

WIP tracking

Secure Turnstiles

Hazmat RFID Cabinets

Tool Tracking Drawer configurations

Tool Tracking Surface configurations

MRO software for calibration and maintenance requirements

Tagging and verification systems for challenging materials

Forklift RFID Readers



The Construction Industry requires equipment designed for the most extreme environment conditions but also built to be used by unskilled personnel. Venture Research provides a line of equipment and support services that satisfies these requirements with IP67 ratings and able to work in extreme temperature profiles. The Company provides specific equipment for this industry such as:

Secure Turnstiles with Hi-res cameras and Cellular backhauls

Facial Recognition technology

Personnel and man-down tracking systems

Site Wide RTLS solutions

Vehicle and Equipment tracking

Door control and locking systems

Tool Management


Event Management

The usage of RFID in the Event Management industries is being quickly adopted due to its low cost and convenience of allowing a connection of a user to social media or venue services just by employing a wrist band. Venture Research has deployed solutions for simple seminar attendance applications up to massive 20,000 person festivals. Designed with mobility and quick set up and tear down in mind, the solution portfolio by Venture Research servicing this is industry is:

Outdoorrated information Kiosks designed for direct sun operation

Gate and access systems to allow attendees access to restricted areas

Android based social media interfacing

Credit Card capture and points systems

Portal Stanshions with high visibility LEDs and annunciators for access control


Health Care - Pharmaceuticals

The usage of RFID and tracking technologies in the health care industry is growing rapidly now due to the advantages of accurate tracking of drugs, personnel and support infrastructure to support the critical demand of healthcare professionals. Venture Research has deployed systems all over the world in hospitals, universities and labs to support the strict guidelines related to patient care and privacy. The Company has a broad solution set specifically targeted to this industry:

Perpetual Inventory RFID Refrigerators and Freezers

Storage RFID drawer solutions both mobile and fixed

Specific Crash Cart RFID/BLE retrofit solutions

Check in/Check out systems for storeroom access

Secure lockers for sensitive drug management

Systems to manage expiration and usage of drugs

Tracking systems for EMS personnel and equipment

Restricted area access portals and locking systems

Hazardous/Biomedical waste tracking

General portal solutions for hallways, doors and registration desks

Surface RFID readers for desks and pass through portal applications

Patient wrist band tracking solutions

Specimen cases and transport containers using GPS/RFID and BLE



As a manufacturer ourselves, Venture Research has the advantage to develop solutions for this industry that satisfy the rigorous demands of always on – 24x7 mission critical tracking systems for real-time visibility. A substantial suite of equipment, software and services is available from Venture Research to support this rapidly growing industry. With the demand for same day service accelerating the need for well oiled and efficient delivery systems, RFID and other tracking technologies have allowed manufacturers to now meet the demand with fully integrated automation systems. Below is a sampling of Venture Research's offerings that support this industry are:

RFID/BLE Forklift Readers for material pick and put away

Automated drive by Cycle Counting solutions

Dock Door portal solutions

WIP tracking

RTLS equipment and personnel tracking

Equipment usage and calibration management systems

Hazardous Material and disposal tracking systems

Personnel labor productivity by work cell

Yard management systems

Truck gate control and transportation management systems

Conveyor Tunnels

Pallet accuracy verifiers

Robotics integration and RFID effector retrofits

Direct ERP interfacing for real time job costing

Integrated Payroll and Crewing systems


MRO (Maintenance, Repair, Overhaul)

With the development of the exclusive Surface Reader technology only available through Venture Research, the door opened to dramatically improve the tracking requirements of the MRO industry. Before the Surface Reader, the industry primarily stored equipment and tools in drawer or cabinet configurations requiring personnel to spend time in the morning and evening retrieving and putting away their tools. The Surface Reader technology now allows tools and material to be tracked while it is being used in their work areas. The Surface Reader concept allows any RFID tagged item to be placed anywhere on the surface and it will be read. There is no need to bring back tools to a cabinet or drawer. With the ability now for integrated RFID/BLE technology supported by all Venture Research readers, material and tools can be tracked in the work area but also tracked if they were to be moved from the work area. To round out the solution set for this industry, Venture Research provides traditional RFID drawer and cabinet retrofits but also now the exclusive Surface Readers. Specific equipment and solutions for this industry are:

Surface Readers to cover surfaces up to 4’ x 6’

Hazmat Cabinets

Security and Access systems

Tool Drawer RFID systems

Tool Cabinet RFID systems

RTLS tracking systems (UWB and BLE)

Calibration, Expiration and Tool management software systems 



Venture Research was fortunate to be selected by a top tier trucking company in 2016 to develop a solution for tracking cabs, trailers and personnel for the long haul transportation sector. This led to the development of depot access and departure systems with secure gate control. A sophisticated array of RFID/BLE and sensor equipment automates the check-in and check-out process of transportation equipment. Along with the equipment, Venture Research supplied the enterprise software solution to administer the asset and personnel management for depot control. The specific solutions by Venture Research that are now available for this industry are:

Secure Gate Control

Motion Sensing systems and tailgating control

Gate Entry driver large panel display systems for driver routing

Personnel management systems that can be read from inside the cab

GPS tracking systems

BLE controlled gate solutions

Direct swing arm and sliding gate control

In trailer RFID tracking systems

Truck/Trailer classification systems

Trailer secure seals monitoring with tamper detection

Enterprise and cloud asset and personnel management software systems



Venture Research has personnel in the company that were pioneers in the supply chain industry as far back as 1984 when the pursuit of developing the best of breed automated warehouse management solutions was born. Venture Research participated in the development of distribution and 3PL solutions during the heyday of the DOTCOM era which led to a number of fully automated green field distribution centers. In early 2000 the company developed a WCS (warehouse control system) solution that is in use in over 155 distribution centers today. The software solution has been continually refined to meet the needs of the distribution industry as the demand model moved from batch to real time order flow. With a dynamic demand (flex) capability, the system employs sophisticated cubing and aggregating algorithms to optimize workflow and the automation that supports it. Capable of driving pick to light, put to light, voice pick, sortation systems, label printing and RFID encoding and verification systems. Along with the software, Venture Research provides the following equipment and software interfaces to complement the WCS engine:

Dematic Pick to Light Systems/ drivers

Kingway Pick to Light Systems

Mathews Automation Put to Light Systems/ drivers

Voice Pick system integration

Thermal printing services with demand printing

Automated and demand reporting systems

Productivity large panel displays

Warehouse layout tools for demand planning

SOX compliant payroll systems

Crewing and personnel management systems

Labor Management analytics and reporting

Direct Manhattan Labor Management Feed

Direct interface to Venture Research “Sitewatch” support infrastructure

------- RFID equipment -------

Venture Research RFID Forklift Readers

RFID Dock Door solutions

Drive by Cycle Counting Forklift retrofits

Pick and Pack audit stations

Pallet conveyor RFID tunnels

Case level RFID audit tunnels

Sortation interfaces using RFID

Tag encoding systems

Print and Apply systems

Robotic material handlers / palletizers

Barcode to RFID encoders

waste and recycling management

Waste and Recycling Management

As early as 2012, Venture Research has provided rugged, outdoor rated RFID reader technology that can withstand the extreme environmental impact of the Waste and Recycling industry. Having the only “all in one” solution incorporating RFID, GPS, Cellular and sensor technologies in a single hardened enclosure, Venture Research has set the bar for the industry on cost effectivity and ease of deployment. The components that make up the solution set for waste management are:

Exclusive MultiTrak™ all in one RFID reader with integrated RFID antenna, GPS and Cellular

Tilt Sensors

Observation Buttons to allow drivers to inform of exceptions in the field

Specialty mounts for truck retrofits

External waterproof antennas

Learn how Venture Research Solution Deployment Services can be customized for specific your needs.

Outdoor Asset Tracking Devices in use for waste

management application across North America
According to Navigant Research, the global smart waste collection technology market is expected to grow from $57.6 million in 2016 to more than $223.6 million in 2025. For the last seven years, Venture Research has supplied intelligent, autonomous readers and sensors with Cloud computing that has been used by tier 1 logistics customer worldwide for data collection to help manage containers and smart waste collection.
Cloud computing is pushing the “clunky” technology of old off to the wayside and providing more space to hold more information but take up less room. Previous RFID scanners used in the past by waste management haulers were unreliable, didn’t communicate well and were expensive. With Venture Research’s Outdoor Asset Tracking Reader and RFID tagging on containers, machine-to-machine communication allows for a more reliable set of data, according to John Baker.