BLE Gateway

The Most Features in a Single Reader

The Venture Research BLE (Low Energy Bluetooth) Gateway reader sets the standard for a multi-protocol reader that has a diverse communication platform to satisfy the most demanding connectivity requirements. Along with BLE reading support, the reader is packed with communications features to accommodate
the most demanding data delivery requirements. The BLE Gateway combines the following communication technologies in a single reader:
         BLE – Low Energy Bluetooth Reader – 4.0 specification.
        Wifi – a,b,g,n – Mimo Wifi support
       CAN – CAN Bus Support
 SERIAL – Serial Interfacing
Cellular – 4GLTE – Multiple Carrier Support - Optional
        GPS – Dual constellation satellite – Optional

Support for both Eddystone and iBeacon BLE Tags

The BLE Gateway is compatible with both Eddystone (Google) and iBeacon (Apple) tags.

Multiple Power Options

The BLE Gateway can be powered by POE (Power over Ethernet), Direct AC connection with a power supply or by a 12v Battery. This simplifies wiring requirements and reduces cost for large deployments.

Designed for the Cloud

The BLE Gateway Reader shares the same API as all other Venture Research Products that are designed for direct cloud interfacing. Store and Forward to a direct REST interface is built in for rapid deployment. Using the REST interface, the requirement for expensive middleware is eliminated.

Secure Protocol Support Built In

For Aerospace, Medical and other applications that require the backhaul protocol to be secured, the reader provides the TLS 1.2 security Protocol.

Supports Device ID, Advertising and SCAN_RSP Packets

For IoT interfacing, the reader accepts Device ID broadcasts, Advertising and can perform SCAN_RSP requests to the BLE devices.


IoT Sensor Data Collection

Critical Material Tracking

RTLS (Real Time Locations Systems)

Cloud Gateway


Multiple Power Options

WiFi or Direct Ethernet Connection with Optional Cellular

Rugged Design for Industrial Environments