Interior RFID/BLE Dock Door Portals

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State of the Art in Dock Door Portal Design

Next Generation Dock Door Portal Reading Solution

The Dock Door Reader solution from Venture Research combines
years of in field implementations with the state of the art in RFID and
BLE tracking technologies. The unique design eliminates the need for
floor mount stanchions and provides the ability to rotate the antennas
into the truck, reducing dock to dock cross reads. Together with
Venture Research's exclusive sensor technology for material
movement monitoring, the Dock Door solution ensures accurate
material tracking at the dock door.

High Gain Antennas for Challenging Material

The Dock Door solution from Venture Research incorporates the
exclusive antenna array construction with high gain antennas that
improves material penetration and dock coverage. The array also
allows the RF power required to be turned down yet still retain
adequate coverage over the material passing through the dock further
reducing cross reads.

POE and WiFi Built in

The Portals are low power enough that they can be powered with
POE (only 9 watts) or 12v but for ease of communications can be
communicated to wirelessly via Wifi. This provides the utmost in connectivity flexibility.

Automatic Sense Triggering to Reduce RF on Time

Built into the Dock Door portals are high performance motion sensors
that sense when motion is at the dock and then turns on the RF. In
addition, an optional exclusive truck in position sense ensures that RF
is not turned on until the truck door is open. In a high count dock
environment, these built in features keep the RF off at a dock door
until it is needed.

Designed for the Cloud

The Dock Door Portal solution shares the same API (Application
Programmers Interface) as all other Venture Research reader products. This simplifies interfacing and by using the built in DB_Delivery feature, can directly feed a cloud based REST interface without the need for middle-ware.

Optional Stack Light and Annunciator 

Along with the extensive RFID and sensing features, an optional tricolor integrated Stack Light and Annunciator can be provided to
provide operator feedback.

24 x 7 x 365 Proactive Support

Venture Research maintains a world class support organization that can provide around-the-clock assistance. All hardware products of Venture Research contain automatic self diagnosis capabilities, and can be connected to SiteWatch, the Venture Research remote monitoring system, for real time monitoring of system operability and alerting on exceptions. This ensures non-stop operation for critical applications.


Distribution Centers

Warehouse Dock Door Shipping/Receiving

Industrial Manufacturing Work-in-Progress



Articulated mounts allow the antennas to be positioned facing into the truck

Articulated mounts
POE Connectivity

POE connectivity simplifies wiring 

Integrated Stack-Light

Built in motion sensors

turn on RF only when