Tagging and Encoding

Flexible, Scalable Solutions For Compliance Mandates

Venture Research offers four levels of RFID Compliance Solutions, enabling you to match the cost and complexity of the solution to your precise needs.

Level 1: Pre-Encoded Tags

This is the most cost-effective solution for low tagging volume requirements. Tags are pre-encoded and validated at Venture Research, then drop-shipped to the tagging site where the tags are applied to the material using the Venture Research exclusive manual applicator. Tag usage is reported back to Venture Research and made available through our web-based repository. Optional direct feed to Retail IT Solutions is available to provide the utmost in traceability. Level 1 requires no IT infrastructure components. 

Level 2: Mobile Encoding

Best for mixed SKU requirements, this level encodes tags directly on the material. This minimizes the required hardware and provides the flexibility of true mobile encoding. Additionally, tagged data can be uploaded through a cellular data connection eliminating the need for any on-site IT infrastructure. The mobile encoding system ensures accuracy because the tag is verified after it is applied, insuring that it will be readable further along the supply chain. 

Level 3: Bulk Encoding 

The bulk encoding level introduces an industrial grade printer / encoder to provide on-site bulk creation of tags that will be affixed to the product. A dedicated workstation is also available to increase carton rates for singulated carton and pallet level applications. A mobile hand held is provided to validate the tags once they have been placed on the material. This solution can be easily integrated into existing IT infrastructures to accept order or shipment data to drive the creation of the tags.

Level 4: Automated Encoding and Application

Venture Research pioneered high speed line encoding with automatic SKU placement, and continues to improve its solutions. Exclusive Write On The Fly™ technology is utilized to ensure downstream readability. Achieving rates of up to 120 CPM, Venture Research systems can scale to any requirement for operational throughput. Fully integrated with palletization systems, pick and place forklift applications and dock door portal validation systems, Venture Research automated encoding provides the complete solution for large scale, high volume manufacturing and distribution environments.